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The tour will consist of a 50 city book & workshops tour. The theme is “Don’t Stop Believing” and fits the  Super Bowl spirit. The people/ teams that succeed at this event are the ones that “don’t stop believing!”

Returning to the Super Bowl with the World's ONLY Amphibious RV, Best-selling author John Seeley, tells his story of triumph over adversity from being "sunk" by the Coast Guard at the 2005 Super Bowl in Jacksonville. John's book Get Unstuck! was the spark of the story leading John to come to Florida in 2005. After the Coast Guard stopped the promotion due to a technicality, since remedied, John vowed to return with the Don't Stop Believing message, needed now more than ever!

The Don’t Stop Believing Tour will begin by February 6, 2011 at the Super Bowl and then sweep back and forth across the North American Continent.


The hook to the tour is that John went to the Super Bowl in Jacksonville in ’05, with this RV only to have the Coast Guard “Sink the project” at the last minute. John’s determination to make this happen was inspired by the song “Don’t Stop Believing” , which came to him  the day after he got the Coast Guard’s decision. It was also featured prominently in a FedEX Super Bowl Commercial that year, as a second sign to John to make this dream happen.

Ever since that letdown, John has overcome  numerous obstacles to return to the Super Bowl. This demonstrates the triumph over life’s challenges, that people world-wide can relate to. This is the kind of story everyone wants to see happen, and a message that is widely needed now!


Along The Way

A documentary will be filmed about the trip, and the people John meets along the way.

John will be giving workshops on Suicide Prevention, and delivering his “Don’t Stop Believing” message to groups and prisons along the tour, as well as doing book signings and Public appearances. He will continue to host his internet radio show “Get Unstuck! as he writes numerous articles and more books.

About John

International motivational speaker John Seeley M.A., is the best-selling author of Get Unstuck! The Simple Guide to Restart Your Life, and Get Unstuck for Kids! His writing includes articles, and has been featured in Woman’s World Magazine, The Chicago Tribune and the New York Times, The L.A. Times,
Match.com, along with educational and personal growth books, including his upcoming book, Don’t Stop Believing! His books have been translated in various languages, and are distributed around the world.

John's been called Dr. Phil with Soul. He has worked all over the country for Fortune 500 companies. He works with individuals as well as business executives who have a commitment to making positive changes and awakening a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment in their lives and companies. He has also adopted his work for inmates and helps prisons throughout the country. John is a catalyst for change in your life, and has been in the lives of many people. John’s Radio Show Get Unstuck!, offers a worldwide audience the chance to discover ways to create their live that they always wanted. John holds an undergraduate degree in Business and a Masters Degree in Psychology.






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Great Advertising Opportunity

A coordination of PR to maximize tour in radio, TV and newspapers, before and during each appearance will be done for the tour.

Suggested Coordination with CBS and NBC TV shows to track progress of tour (Like Jay Leno, Conan O’Brian, David Letterman, or Craig Ferguson).

The Journey theme song will be a perfect match for the Don’t Stop Believing Tour.

The Don’t Stop Believing Tour will kick off at the Super Bowl XLV in Dallas February 2011 with the release of Don’t Stop Believing- a collection of stories of overcoming life challenges to create success, by John Seeley, best-selling self-help author and continue to  with a billion viewers throughout the tour.

The Amphibious RV and Amphibious Airplane will be used for the Super Bowl Kickoff continuing on throughout North America.


Many Benefits For Sponsors

The sponsors will benefit in several different key ways. First they will be aligned with the “Don’t Stop Believing” Theme, at a time when the world is in need of such a positive message. Secondly the media coverage will offer the sponsors logos to be seen by billions of people. Additionally in interviews John can mention the specific key sponsors and how they are supporting this campaign of hope. John will also tie in stops at the sponsors’ retail outlets, bringing the world’s only amphibious RV and Sport Amphibious Airplane for the public to see in person, therefore drawing potential shoppers directly to the sponsors’ stores.

Co-operative ads can utilize John’s public appearances to drive consumers to purchase their products. John is releasing his new book Get Unstuck for Kids, A Fun, Interactive Guide to Empower Your Children for Life! In the summer of 2009, which combined with the best-selling Get Unstuck! The Simple Guide to Restart Your Life, will offer foundation to springboard the DSB Tour. With over 100,000 subscribers to his website, articles in publications like the New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, Woman’s World Magazine, and numerous other publications worldwide , along with a network of hundreds of affiliate partners, we are able to reach millions via e-mail and the web.

The Amphibious RV will also feature digital screens to run ads of sponsors while on the road and at locations of tour stops.  We are also filming the tour for a potential TV show, offering more opportunities for sponsors.


50 Tour Cities

The Tour will include Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Pensacola, Atlanta, Birmingham, Jackson, New Orleans, Houston, Dallas, Austin, El Paso, Santa Fe, Phoenix, San Diego, Newport Beach, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Reno, Las Vegas, St George, Salt Lake City, Denver, Wichita, Tulsa, St Louis, Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, Ashville, Hilton Head, Charlotte, Richmond, Washington D.C. Philadelphia, Trenton, New York, Hartford, Providence, Boston, Cape Cod, Concord, Montpelier, Portland, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Buffalo, Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit, Cheyenne, Helena, Boise, Medford, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver.

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